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Phi Beta Mu is a non-political, non-profit fraternity organized to promote fellowship among its members, to encourage the building of better bands and the development of better musicians in schools throughout the world, to foster a deeper appreciation for quality wind literature, and to encourage widespread interest in band performance.
Officers of Gamma Chapter 1953 - Present
Officers and Committee Assignments - 2022
  Board of Directors Constitution / By-Laws  
  Doug Fletcher, President Jim Perry, chairperson  
  Susan Finger, Vice President Mark Finger  
  Keith Rudolph, Secretary Chuck Kubly  
  Glenn Northern, Treasurer Jeff Carnall  
  Lissa May, Past President Doug Hassell  
  Candi Granlund, Member    
  Chris Taylor, Member Finance  
  Martin Becker, International B of D Glenn Northern, chairperson  
  Jay Gephart  
  Chapter Projects / Objectives Matt Harrod  
  Steve Barber, chairperson Andrew Brinkman  
  Jim DeCaro Chris Griffa  
  James Enrich    
  Don Fisher Outstanding Bandmaster  
  Chris Taylor Tom Dean, chairperson  
  Katy Briel Tom Barker  
    Jim Butz  
  Chapter Programs Kevin Klee  
  Eric Criss, chairperson Don Fisher  
  Thane Campbell Rick Wagoner  
  Dianne Moellering    
  Michael Pote Hall of Fame  
  Tracy Runyon Don Litherland, chairperson  
  Susan Walker Don Robertson  
    Keith Rudolph  
  Public Relations Jon Sutton  
  Tom Cox, chairperson Janis Stockhouse  
  Tim Carnall Martin Becker  
  Doug Keiser    
  Myron Snuffin (web) Award Plaques  
  Cynthia Wagoner John Marshall, chairperson  
  Tom Wilson Jon Hilmer  
    Myron Snuffin  
  Ritual Tim Johnston  
  Bill Laughlin, chairperson    
  David Cole Golf Outing / Luncheon  
  Rick Granlund Bill Stultz, chairperson  
  William Stultz Keith Burton  
  Harold Yankey Clay Arnett  
    Martin Becker  
Susan Finger, chairperson Commission Projects
  Larry Ash Matt Conaway, chairperson  
  Matt Conaway Dan Burton  
  Terry Fisher Eric Criss  
  Josh Weirich Don Krug  
  Michelle Oyler Rob Shaver  
    Eric Smedley  
  Windy Higdon, chairperson Pioneer Research Group  
  Michelle Oyler Keith Rudolph  
  Greta Pote Martin Becker  
    Lissa May  
    Glenn Northern  
    Janis Stockhouse  
    Cindy Wagoner