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Founded in 1953, the Indiana Bandmasters Association would initially engage in sponsoring a Marching Band Clinic, an All-State Band, and act in an advisory capacity for Indiana Music Education Association (IMEA) on band activities.  The first Marching Band Clinic was organized in the fall of 1956 and continued each year through the summer of 1979.  IBA would sponsor its first All-State Band in 1961 with John Paynter as the guest conductor.  The event went to two ensembles, the All-State Band and the All-State Honor Band, in 1980.  The first Junior High All-Region Bands were organized in the fall of 1980 at three sites.  As interest grew the number of sites was increased to the current fourteen.  In 1994 the event was renamed the All-Region Honor Band Festival.

The first IBA commission was premiered at the 1988 All-State Honor Band concert with the composer, Robert Jager, conducting.  The Association premiered the first junior high commission by John O’Reilly at the All-Region Festivals later that fall.  The winter of 1995 saw the first collaboration of the Indiana chapter of the College Band Director’s National Association (CBDNA) and IBA to sponsor the Indiana All-Collegiate Honor Band.  The group now is formed biannually to perform at the Indiana Music Education Association Professional Development Conference.

In 1999 IBA established All-District Honor Bands for students in grades nine through twelve, performing at six sites in the fall of 2000.  The first All-District Band commission, by Robert Sheldon, was premiered in the fall of 2005.  IBA now commissions at least one new work for concert band each school year.

In 2005, the membership of IBA established the “Ray Cramer Scholarship” a $1000 grant to be awarded annually to a senior member of the All-State Bands who will pursue a career in music.  Previous scholarship recipients are:

2006 - Alexandra Andrejevich, Valparaiso HS

2014 - Tai Lee Mikulecky, Bloomington HS North

2007 - Kylie Stultz, Columbus North HS

2015 - Olivia Martinez, Culver Academies

2008 - Frances Richert, Pike HS

2016 - Isabella Griffin, John Adams HS

2009 - Katie A. Kraft, Penn HS

2017 - Kelsey Zetzl, Hagerstown Jr./Sr. HS

2010 - Ashley Miller, Columbus North HS

2018 - Mia Nunokawa, Center Grove HS

2011 - Rebecca E. Gamble, Penn HS

2018 - Matthew Waggoner, Castle HS

2012 - Sarah Collins, Wm. H. Harrison HS

2019 - Rachel Corwin, Western Jr./Sr. HS

2013 - Christopher Jones, Cathedral HS

2022 -Hailey Bennett, Corydon Central Jr/Sr HS

In 2009 IBA initiated the first Indiana Junior All-State Band for students in grades seven through nine.  Their premier performance was held in conjunction with the 2009 Indiana Music Education Association Professional Development Conference.  Dr. Susan Creasup from Morehead State University served as the guest conductor.  The first commissioned new work for the Indiana Junior All-State Band was composed by Jesse Ayres and premiered in January 2014.

Past Presidents
Nilo Hovey 1955-56 Raymond Laffin 1975-76 Daniel R. Pritchett 1998-99
Ben Niles 1956 Richard Norris 1976-77 Jay Gephart 1999-2000
Hal Meurer 1957 Frederick Ebbs 1977-78 Dianne Moellering 2000-01
Al Stodden 1957-58 John Wilson 1978-79 Randy Greenwell 2001-02
James T. White 1958-59 Donald Hoffman 1979-80 Janis Stockhouse 2002-03
Donald Partlette 1960-61 Larry Eifler 1980-81 William Stultz 2003-04
Ronald Gregory 1961 Wilbur England 1981-82 Bill Laughlin 2004-07
Robert Sharpe 1961-62 Peter L. Strodel 1982-84 Rick Granlund 2007-09
Dan Hanna 1962-63 Janis Stockhouse 1984-85 Steven L. Cotten 2009-11
Paul Silkie 1963-64 Peter Bottomley 1985-87 Mickey Stisher 2011-13
Carl Smolik 1964-65 Ray E. Cramer 1987-88 Jeffrey Doebler 2013-15
Charles Henzie 1965-66 Martin R. Becker 1988-89 Glenn Northern 2015-17
George Graesch 1966-67 Lissa A. Fleming (May) 1989-90 David Cole 2017-19
James Patton 1967-68 John Marshall 1990-91 Rick Granlund 2019-21
Carrol Copeland 1968-69 Daniel R. Pritchett 1991-92 Candi Granlund 2021-23
John Whitaker 1969-70 Joseph Manfredo 1992-93  
Kennith L. (Duke) Johns 1970-71 Matthew Harrod 1993-94  
John Parshall 1971-72 Glenn Weil 1994-95  
Ray Keller 1972-73 Doug Keiser 1995-96  
John Colbert 1973-74 Stephen W. Pratt 1996-97  
Robert Meurer 1974-75 Marilyn Renner 1997-98  
Past Secretaries/Treasurers
Al Stodden 1955-56 Charles Kramer 1963-64 Stanley Ricks 1975-80
James T. White 1956-57 Fred Webb 1964 Daniel R. Pritchett 1980-90
Don Parlette 1957-58 Robert Boyd 1965-66 Lissa Fleming 1990-93
Aden Long 1958 John Whitaker 1966-67 Glenn Northern 1993-97
Robert Sharpe 1959-61 Kenneth L. (Duke) Johns 1967-69 Myron W. Snuffin 1997-present
James Calvert 1961-62 Ray E. Keller 1969-70  
Carl Smolik 1962-63 Raymond Laffin 1970-75  
Junior All-State Conductors & Programs 2009 - Present
All-State Band Conductors & Programs 1961 - Present
50 Years of All-State Band - 55 Years of IBA A commemorative booklet compiled by Rick & Candi Granlund.
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